There has been a lot of stuff out there about aliens coming to earth, and the popularity of the ancient alien “hypothesis” has come back in force. So, here are some resources I have found or developed to help investigate those claims.

My Posts:
The Nazca Lines
The Piri Re’is Map
The Baghdad Battery
The Pyramids
Summary of Ancient Aliens Methodology
Video Presentation on Ancient Aliens (also at Skeptic Blogs)
The Outer Limits and Alien Abductions (supersedes this discussion)
The History Channel is Failing
The Edmund Fitzgerald and Aliens
Moving the Stones of Baalbek–The Wonders of Roman Engineering
The Star of Bethlehem in Alternative “Scholarship”

Scientific Search for Aliens:

Helpful Books:
Cult of the Alien Gods

Great Blogs/Websites:
Jason Colavito’s Blog
Jason Colavito’s Website
Robert Sheaffer’s Blog
Mike Heiser’s Blog: PaleoBabble
Sitchin is Wrong
Ancient Aliens Debunked (my review here)

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