The Country is a Little More Equal Now #LoveWins

Legally-recognized gay marriage is now the in the USA. There are still things that need to be done for gay and trans rights and respect, but at least this significant step has been taken. I wish it were not a split 5-4 decision but something stronger, but beggars can’t be choosers. For now, we can say that indeed, it has gotten better.

Gay pride flags are going up, and racist flags are coming down. The progress is slow and sometimes very painful, but we can point to progress. #itgetsbetter


Boy Scouts and Gay Scouts

I already talked before about how the Boy Scouts are considering changing their policies about allowing homosexuals into the program, but the other day I received an email from the organization about the topic. They wanted to know what their alumni thought about the subject, and being an Eagle scout I have my opinion.

In their questions, they first asked what I thought about gays in scouts, then presented a number of scenarios, and then asked again what my opinion was. For example, it asked about how I felt having a gay and straight boy sleeping in the same tent.

Which pretty much goes to show that there is a problem of bigotry right there. Are we afraid that gay people are rapists, and we have to protect our children from them? That’s just insulting, I’m sorry. Actually, no, I’m not sorry. That this is a question anyone thought was legitimate is what’s sorry.

They also asked what I thought about letting some groups decide if they wanted to allow gays in their troops, while others could remain segregated. Yeah, because if the scouts did that with races no one would complain, right? Why support bigotry in any form? The only way to potentially allow this sort of compromise is based on the religious convictions of the members of the troop, and the Boy Scouts puts religiosity right in its laws. However, that still won’t work because that reverence to a god isn’t a particular one, let alone a particular theology, let alone a particular answer to a theological question. If you are a deist, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, or Jew, you are allowed in scouts, so you cannot use the theology of one group to ban people of another as the rules are already; to allow the rules to ban gays in some groups is, again, straight-up bigotry, and it doesn’t matter how it’s supported.

So I find no good excuse for having the Boy Scouts keep gays out of their program. By keeping it in its bylaws, or by saying it’s okay for some troops to be intolerant, the program will only create derision and division rather than community–and community is one of the most important parts of scouting. So BSA, I hope you have been paying attention. The ban on gays is without excuse.