Recent Post about Cosmology, Inflation, and Genesis

Just a few days ago, a featured article went up at Bible and Interpretation about the recent news concerning gravitational waves and strong evidence for cosmic inflation. This is the second article I have had published there (the first one was about the Star of Bethlehem), and it looks like it has already received some positive comments. In particular, some very nice things were said by Dr. James Tabor and Dr. Hector Avalos, two well-known voices in biblical studies.

What I looked at was what the new cosmology news was, how it was not proof of the accuracy of the biblical account of creation in Genesis 1, how Gen 1:1 does not in fact indicate creation ex nihilo, how the sort of contortions one tries to make Gen 1 fit science would work just as well or better for other ancient mythologies, and the recent news if anything supports a universe that does not require a creator. And if none of that interests you, well, nobody’s perfect 🙂

Go give my article a read, leave a comment, tell your friends, enemies, and a random person on the street with WiFi.


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