My Interview for New Books Network

9780956694867- Font CoverLast week I did an interview about my Star of Bethlehem book over Skype for the New Books Network, a webpage where volunteers interview authors of new books about their subject. I was interviewed by Annie Sapucaia and the talk has recently gone live!

You can check it out now here. Tell your friends, enemies, a random person on the bus. Everyone!


4 thoughts on “My Interview for New Books Network

  1. Hello dr. Adair, my pseudonym is Pier Tulip, i am italian and write to you with the help of Google traslator.
    Also I am a graduate in physics, but now I am retired, and I have tried to investigate the origin of Christianity.
    I would like to ask you if you agree with this quote by Richard Carrier about “The Star of Bethlehem”: “Adair deftly Demonstrates a point I had made ​​myself long but never had the time to Demonstrate: ancient astrology was so wildly different and inconsistent That any astrological theory of origins either Christian or biblical accounts is probably beyond any Possibility of demonstrating. ”
    I think instead that the astro-theology were all similar to each other.
    In this regard, I present this short article that tries to decode the Egyptian myth:
    and such that recovers this myth in the new and in the old testament:
    Can you express your opinion?

    • Hi Pier,

      I was planning on doing a blog entry about this sort of thing. But to answer you directly, I agree with Carrier that astrotheological attempts to explain things do not work well. In fact, much of the theories I have seen are rather modern in origin and have little to do with ancient beliefs and practices.

      Quickly looking at your posts on, you are focusing on what is probably the best case with Jesus and John as the seasonal sun. However, if it is the best explanation for why John and Jesus are born 6 months apart, that only means such symbolism was used in one case in one, later Gospel. So even in the best case, I don’t think it can expand to explain the origins of Christianity. But allow me to talk about that in an upcoming post.

      • I want to hope, Aaron, yours is a holding reply and that you will stop to analyze more carefully at the fact that the seasonal solar hypothesis is capable to simply explain simultaneously the myth of Horus and Seth, the relationship between John and Jesus and also the biblical between Elijah and Elisha.
        There is a better interpretation for Jn 1:30, Jn 3:30, Mt 17:10-13 ?
        Thank you for your attention

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