Upcoming Writing Projects

In less than a month, I will need to have gotten a lot done. The big thing that has been absorbing of time has by the work on my dissertation. It needs to be finished, defended, edited, and then submitted before the next semester starts. I think I’m on track, but the deadline looms.

A little less stressful is my book on the Star of Bethlehem should be getting ready to become a final draft and then shared with the world. I’m hoping for release in September or October at the latest. Fortunately my editor has been making it into the best draft it can be, and once published it should be the best book on the subject out there, IMHO.

Lastly, I have a book chapter that will be going into a response to the 1001 Inventions exhibit I talked about in the past (here and here and here). I will talk about the pedagogy of a good museum exhibit based on education theory, and I have my own idea on how to make something that teaches the history of science and better contextualizes and demonstrates medieval Arab or Islamic contributions to science.

But right now, time to focus on that dissertation. I’m supposed to write 100 pages to get one particular sheet of paper when I’m done.


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