Where are the 2012 Doomers? — Update via Stuart Robbins

It has been almost exactly six months since the end of the world on Dec 21, 2012. And of course, that end failed to happen. As every skeptic felt afterward, it was an apocalyptic fail. I had done a look to see what the response was from those that believed in earth-shattering changes for that date five months ago to the day. What was impressive was the incredible silence by (former) advocates. The websites were not updated, and little traffic existed that I could find to direct me to something new.

Now a similar (though probably even more thorough) look has been done by astronomer and pseudo-astronomy debunker, Stuart Robbins of the Exposing PseudoAstronomy Podcast. While a couple of people have said that after Dec 21 of last year, we now have the option to open ourselves up to new, spiritual energies or similar non-empirical statements, the chief response seems to be the one I found: silence.

I had earlier figured that because the 2012 movement didn’t really have any other uniting forces as other cults do (i.e. a moral code, a social support group, etc.) it would not do well after the prophetic failure. And it looks like only those that latched 2012 with some sort of spiritual event have found any way to reinterpret the apparent non-event of the winter solstice. The rest have drifted away, and the phenomenon has been all but forgotten.

The question now is what will be the next big apocalyptic prediction. I’m betting in the future a revised version of the Maya calendar end-times will emerge. This is because there is some uncertainty about the correlation between the Maya calendar and the modern, Gregorian one we use, so it could be that the end of the longest period of the calendar is decades into the future. So if someone takes that later date as gospel (and why should they have to take the most probable reading of Maya scholars, after all?), with the failure of 2012 long forgotten it could reemerge. There is plenty of time for such an idea to set roots. After all, the 2012 phenomenon started in the 1960s or 70s and started getting big in the 90s. I won’t predict this sort of thing will happen, but it is worth having some vigilance and point out this catastrophic failure of a catastrophe to prevent people getting suckered in again.

1 thought on “Where are the 2012 Doomers? — Update via Stuart Robbins

  1. I’m still going (just). I might be the only one still writing about it – but hey, I started it (online) so I should end it. I had said for years prior that I considered the danger period to be 6 months either side of Dec 21, 2012. I figured the two things the Maya could have predicted were a massive solar storm or the return of a comet – both could be observed and patterns noted, predictions made. But neither would likely be something they could predict accurate to either a day or week.

    They still could be proven correct – say a giant long-period comet in 2014 – but I am shutting shop. 2012Forum.com isn’t taking any more members, and my blog will cease once it hits 1000 posts.

    However, most 2012ers are preppers, and prepping is still sensible. A repeat of the Carrington event will happen, we just don’t know when. And that will wreck modern society.

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