Holy (Geek) Week

Today begins the start of Holy Week in the Christian world, as a countdown to the last days Jesus was doing his thing and then got himself killed… and un-killed. (Spoilers!)

But instead of a countdown to Easter, there is a much more important countdown: the return of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. The first will be this Saturday, the latter this Sunday. Just as Jesus would have wanted.

The upcoming season of the Doctor is looking good. The first episode is written by Steve Moffat, and there will be an episode with the Cybermen written by … Neil Gaiman! (Considering there was a recent comic book with the Doctor, the Cybermen, and the ST:TNG world with the Borg, this is going to be goooooood.) There is already a prequel for the upcoming episode:

Not much revealed, other than the Doctor is looking for companionship in all the wrong places. Or is he? Must find out.

But if Sci-Fi isn’t your thing, then the fantasy world of Game of Thrones should fix that. Before each season covered one book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire. Now it sounds like they are going to spend about two seasons per book. Currently the author, George R.R. Martin, has written five, but two more are planned to finish out the series. I just finished listening to the audiobook of book five, so I really am getting overwhelmed with anticipation waiting for the next book to find out what happens to the characters and find out who lives and dies (Spoiler alert: everyone dies.)

Oh, I hope this year to get another book.

Alright, so you get the idea that this is going to be a good Easter. And hopefully, around here winter will go away!


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