International Women’s Day

In case you haven’t used Google in the US today, it’s International Women’s Day. I have brought it up a few times before, and I have brought up that there is issues of gender in the sciences, but that’s not the only things cultural issues at hand.

Just yesterday, Anita Sarkeesian came out with her first video in her series of Tropes vs. Women, now focusing on video games. Here she begins a look at the damsel in distress, from its ancient and medieval roots to its early digital incarnations, and how the tropes objectifies and disimpowers women as it is normally used.

The only mistake I noted was about Zelda. There is one game I know of in which she is the main, playable character, but that was on the poor-selling Philips CD-i, so perhaps it’s no wonder she didn’t come across Zelda’s Adventure. I only know of it because of the Angry Video Game Nerd, who goes out of his way to find bad and obscure games.

Nonetheless, this was an informative video, and I’m curious about what will come later. In particular she may have some good insights into the Tomb Raider series, especially with the reboot prequel that just came out. (I’ve seen some let’s play video of that, and it doesn’t seem like it has the negative female features some were worrying about, namely character growth from an attempted rape.)

So let’s hear it for Women’s Day around the world!


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