Obama, You Have Failed Me for the Last Time

So the news is that the US is cutting a lot of spending because of a deal made about a year and a half ago to fix the deficit, but now the cuts will be worse than what either side wanted. This is the so-called sequester. There is plenty of blame back-and-forth and people decrying the government cuts funding to teachers and soldiers without harming the pocket books of those same Congress members.

But the real failure has come from Obama trying to explain his efforts to reach out to the Republicans. What the President said he needed was something he couldn’t do, a “Jedi mind meld.”

The news media are on this fiasco of science fiction references. And good too, because it’s too depressing to pay attention to the fact that the government is too incompetent to agree on anything even knowing that it will hurt the country and the programs they think are important.

Then again, there is room for a new hope reference…

“May the Force live long and prosper” – Gaius Baltar of Mongo


One thought on “Obama, You Have Failed Me for the Last Time

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