The Writing has Begun

I have been getting deep into the writing hole now with a goodly number of projects. I have begun going through the outline and intro of my PhD thesis with my adviser  which we hope to have done by the summer. With a little luck, I’ll be a doctor of something before the next academic year starts. I am also working on a book chapter in another project. I am also having the fun of getting to go through the manuscript of my Star of Bethlehem book with my editor. Worst part of that: seeing all the mistakes you make even though you went through it 100 times before sending it.

Yeah, writing can be one of the most humbling activities you can do. But there is the reward of finally getting something out there in print. I am glad that I’m not self-publishing, not having another mind make sure I’m not fooling myself in thinking what I said makes sense. Self-publishing definitely has its place, but at least for me, I would be afraid of publicizing my inability to use the English language before it’s too late. Heck, I’m surprised that blogging hasn’t already done that, but from what I can tell there is leniency on the Internet for typos… except when it comes to your enemies.

Well, back to work. Haven’t perfected a computer code that will write for me yet.


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