Nemo News

The massive winter storm Nemo has been creating a lot of havoc in the Northeastern US. I am away from it, but I have some reports coming to me worth sharing. It looks like the snow is pretty bad, and photos are indicating some interesting folk coming into the country from Canada. Descriptions are a bit hard to follow, but we have some photographs in upstate New York.

The first one is a bit away from the individual in question, but he does seem out of place.

Obviously the conditions make it unclear who this may be. However, using some computer simulations and photo enhancements, I can give an 85% accurate reconstruction:

Eh, somehow I think there should have been a wall at the border with Canada rather than Mexico.

Reports are also indicating that there is a high demand for stone. In particular, people are requesting obsidian. FEMA is slow to respond, being unprepared to have large quantities of black rocks. Calls for support from the Cardassian Union and their primary order have not been returned, perhaps in part due to a misspelling as there have been repeated calls from Kim K. and her family.

I think at this point the evidence is conclusive: winter has come. And I can’t wait until March!


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