The Puzzling Figure of Jesus–My Talk [Video]

As was hoped, the video of my talk about the historical Jesus and the Christ Myth hypothesis is now up and you can watch it. Go to the YouTube page for additional links about the various arguments that I only mentioned but didn’t flesh out, and there is a link for the slides if you wish it.

I thought the talk went well, though it took longer than I had planned, and we started later than expected which cut into Q&A, which is usually the best part of talks. My bad, but feel free to comment, criticize (constructive, I hope), and discuss here. While I do lean one way over another, I consider neither position crazy nor an intellectual failure. The evidence is not unambiguous, and there is plenty to argue. Perhaps I’ll change my mind. I’ve already done it once.


3 thoughts on “The Puzzling Figure of Jesus–My Talk [Video]

    • Thanks a lot for the kind words and promotion, Tom. I hope I portrayed your views on the matter correctly.

      For those reading this comment, go get the book he and Thomas Thompson edited together, ‘Is This Not the Carpenter?’. Now in Paperback! Buy it, or else you will may baby-Jesus cry.

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