Where are the 2012 Doomers?

As you may have noticed, last December was not the last month of life on Earth, nor was there some great transformation or spiritual awakening. We still have politicians, right? So I had my fun pointing this out on the alleged moment the end was supposed to come.

Now it has been nearly a month since the lack-of-doom date, and usually there are excuses for why the end did not happen. So I tried to look around the Internet, especially at the recognized websites that promoted the 2012 Apocalypse, such as December212012, 2012Apocalypse.net, and 2012Apocalypse.info. It looks like there is no updates at all since the winter solstice, at least as of now when I am writing this. My searches on Google also didn’t come up with anything much, though there may be something buried in some forum somewhere.

I’m actually surprised by the lack of reaction, at least in public. It’s almost as if the whole thing has disappeared due to the failure. There seems to be some chatter about moving the date to 2013 or 2015, but they seem to have little in relation to the Maya. The 2013 example is supposed to be based on the writings of Isaac Newton (not Maya) and was published in a book back in 2008. The 2015 date is just mentioned in a news article without a link to an example, so I can’t check it.

So, it may really be the case that the Maya-end-of-the-world phenomenon is dead. I’m sure people will move on to other sources for doom dates, but why has this huge media phenomenon just died when other prediction groups, such as the Millerites in the 1840s, survived and grew?

Perhaps because the beliefs in this doomsday were without a singular leader, diffuse to individuals over the Internet, as has been argued. What is supposed to keep a cult alive is if the group has something else to fall back on, such as the community or its moral stature. But the 2012 Apocalypse was more singular in its claims and was not centralized into a strong-knitted community as the Millerites or the Mormons were. The same with the various UFO cults. In this case, it may not be so surprising that the supporters of these ideas have gone silent.

My guess is that the same people will find something new to hook to, be it another date of future change or some other New Age belief. But it is interesting to see what is happening in the Internet age when it comes to prophecies. The media can magnify an amazing claim to extraordinary heights and scare a lot of people, but once the date passes by it ends because of lack of attention and no social structure to support the claimants.

Still, be on the look out. There will probably be some talking about Nibiru still, but the most popular belief is dead and perhaps it won’t resurrect. We’ll see. Let me know if you find any interesting re-interpretations of the “Maya prophecy”.

9 thoughts on “Where are the 2012 Doomers?

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  2. According to the writings of St. Malachi we only have one more pope after the current one. I’m willing to bet that the next big apocalypse theory will predict our collective doom just after that pope dies.

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