Ridley Scott Wins the War on Christmas

Back in the summer of this year, I went to see the prequel to the Aliens series, Prometheus. I think I knew at the time it was going to be about ancient astronauts to Earth, but what I didn’t know before I went was that the movie would stink. Yeah, it was a bad Sci-Fi movie, and it didn’t help that all the scientists in the film were more like the teenagers waiting to be killed in a bad slasher film. This reviewer here makes a number of fast and salient points as to how fast the suspension of disbelief was destroyed. Strangely, what I thought was the best part of the film is when they where showing a scene from Lawrence of Arabia, so I could watch a bit of a good movie.

But after looking at an assessment of the movie, I now know that there is something very strange that I missed and was very apparent in the original script. It would seem that the aliens that made humans, guided our evolution, got really angry with us about 2000 years ago. And why was that? Well, looks like because one of them aliens was Jesus. That ought not be too strange from the ancient astronaut people, considering that was something Erich von Daniken originally thought but didn’t publish on due to sales reasons.

But the movie also has the birth, without sex, of a being from the main scientist in the movie (who was barren), and this became the xenomorph we all know and love. And it was born… on Christmas.

I thought I was waging a War on Christmas, and I thought attacking the Popes book on the Nativity, showing Christmas wasn’t Jesus’ birthday, and looking at evidences against Jesus’ historicity were damaging. But no, this is nothing compared to what Ridley Scott has done. Ridley, you win. Bill O’Reilly will have the surrender documents to you by the afternoon of December 21st.

Maybe this is how it all started?


3 thoughts on “Ridley Scott Wins the War on Christmas

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more man. I was so disappointed. Ridley Scott could made this movie without any actors; he certainly managed to do it without any plot; sitting in his Parker knoll recliner with some wizz software. It sucked and it did no credit to the actors either.
    RS has just gone down in my estimation. But. I won’t slam the door. anyone who could make Bladerunner deserves another chance.

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