A Great Discussion with Sonja Brentjes

Earlier I had written about the exhibit and book 1001 Inventions (here and here) which had very poor facts and methods in trying to show how awesome Islam was in making modern science. One of the critics of that exhibit, Sonja Brentjes, took issue with my own examinations, which I responded to here.

Sonja has now had a chance to come back and respond to what I wrote. There are some particulars that I will take issue with, but what it does do and makes it worth reading is that it is excellent is talking about how to do historical analysis, how to compare and contrast the efforts of civilizations, as well as some particulars about what has been going on in the history of science, especially ancient and medieval. I highly recommend reading it simply for that, even if it is critical of me (go here for the comment; I should make some other responses in the near future).


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