The Pseudoscience Wars — Book Review

As a bit of an experiment, I’m trying to do book reviews of recent reads in video format. Here I am looking at a new book dealing with the history of Immanuel Velikovsky, his theories, and the reaction to them. The book, The Pseudoscience Wars by Princeton historian Michael Gordin goes into how just an account of the events in what has been called the Velikovsky affair, but he tries to contextualize the events and why they turned out the way they did, especially when it comes to the scientific reaction to them. The book also goes into the issue of what ‘pseudoscience’ even is–how does one distinguish science from non-science or pseudoscience.

How does it fair? Watch and find out!

So, if you watched, and if you have read my recent written book review, let me know in this poll which version you prefer. I’ll probably do a bit of both, but we’ll see which becomes dominant.


2 thoughts on “The Pseudoscience Wars — Book Review

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