Boldly Go OSU Marching Band

I have a confession. I have been at Ohio State for a few years now, and I have yet to go to a football game. It’s like the local religion, and yet I haven’t even watched a game, let alone go to the stadium (known as The Shoe). But fortunately, there are those that will go and record some of the highlights.

Not of the game, but of the marching band. A bit ago they had a tribute to video games, but a more recent home game is, well, amazing!

This was a tribute to the American space program, using music from Gustav Holst, Star Trek, and more, and the band showed amazing coordination. Watch!

If you couldn’t tell, that was John Glen, former astronaut in the early days of NASA, and he dotted the I in America. Football and space travel? Now that is a show I can get behind. OSU Marching Band, you guys rock!

HT to the Bad Astronomer.


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