More Not Watching the Conventions

Looks like I’m doing well not to waste my time on the GOP convention, and I will let the filter services do the hard work of not vomiting for me.

Think Progress has been live-blogging, which means that a piece of rhetoric can be compared to reality effectively. I hope something similar can happen for the Democratic convention. Best way to keep people honest: show them they are wrong piece by piece. But who will do that and with accuracy? We’ll see, perhaps from Politifacts.

The big speech the other night was from VP nominee Paul Ryan, and it is’t getting great reviews on accuracy.  The New Republic asks if his speech was the most dishonest convention speech ever. That may be hyperbolic, but do I really want to watch old news reels just to find an even slimier pile of filth? Maybe Nixon had something not so great to say in ’68 or ’72, but it seems that Nixon may not have been as bad as Ryan.

Mitt Romney is up tonight. Will it be any better on the facts? Heck, the better question is can he stay consistent about his views for an entire convention speech?


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