Living in Ohio Gives Me Slightly More Power

With elections coming up, one thing you will see a lot is polls. Each news network has their team of statisticians grinding away and desperately trying to make it TV-watchable (The Daily Show is going to have plenty to work with soon), but there is a really good aggregate site FiveThirtyEight. Currently it predicts the election for Obama, but those numbers will become more or less meaningful in the coming weeks.

But the most interesting fact was the analysis that suggests which states are most likely to decide the election and which citizens have the most say in who becomes President of the United States. And I happen to be lucky enough to be in the best state for that now: Ohio.

It has been said that whoever wins two of the following states will carry the election: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Currently, Pennsylvania is looking Democrat and Florida slightly Republican (which may be getting a bump due to the convention in Tampa), so that makes the way Ohio goes more decisive. Ohio has also been more of a toss-up state in recent elections.

All that means is that my voting in Ohio has more weight than if I still lived in my home state. Now, I didn’t move to Ohio for voting reasons but for work/education, so don’t think I’m trying to rig the election. That is what the voter ID laws are supposed to do.


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